Welcome to the P&A, UAW Local 1979 Web Site. The purpose of this page is to keep the members of the Wayne State University Professional and Administrative Union informed and connected. Feel free to visit the page and send us an e-mail, or just keep up on the latest Union news.

Solidarity Wednesday

We are encouraging all our Union Sisters and Brothers to wear Red shirts to make a positive statement of workers standing together! The red shirt gives everyone a sense of unity and fellowship!

So, if its Wednesday WEAR RED- Lets show solidarity!

Please submit pictures to office@uaw1979.org of all Union Sisters and Brothers wearing their red shirts. Pictures will be posted on UAW local 1979 Facebook page!

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Special Election

Special Election Notice-P&A, UAW Local 1979

Notice of the Special Election for the following Union Office: 

Bargaining Team Member (1)

Candidate:    Darran Hendricks
                       Administrative Assistant
                       Provost & VP Academic Affairs

Candidate:   Christopher Scalise
                        IT Operations Specialist
                        Fine & Performing Arts

Candidate:  Felicia Smith
                     Systems Software Engineer II
                     Computing & Info Technology

Trustee (1)

Candidate:    Darran Hendricks
                        Administrative Assistant
                        Provost & VP Academic Affairs

Candidate:   Elaine Terrell-Ellis
                       Grant/Contract Officer III

Candidate:   Damont Bellinger
                        Applications Specialist I

Financial Sectary(1)

Candidate:    Ronald Cichowlas
                       Sr Systems Integrator
                       Computing & Info Technology

Candidate:   Kerry Davis
                      Grant/Contract Officer II

        Election to be held:

Main Campus:

        Date: Tuesday, July 18, 2017

        Time: 9:00 a.m. -3:00 p.m.

        Place: Student Center Building, Room 010


Medical Campus:

       Date: Tuesday, July 18, 2017

       Time: 11:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m.

       Place: Scott Hall, Room 1140


All members in good standing are urged to vote.

 I.D. required to vote.



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What Standing Committees Do?

What Standing Committees Do?

An effective standing committee is a motivated, energetic and innovative group of members who can apply their abilities to their areas of interest. Standing committees work in cooperation with their local union executive board. They identify topics ,programs and issues that are important to the membership, the community, the local union, the international union and labor movement as a whole. They develop plans and proposals for activities and , when approved by the local union executive board, carry out those plans. Standing committees report out at membership meetings on the progress of their activities and future plans

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Delta Dental

As a result of the Fact Finder’s decision in May 2015 effective on or about March 20, 2016 the dental insurance premium 20 % co-share cost will begin. This means that the members will pay 20% of the cost of the dental insurance premium. The figures below are the total cost, the university’s share and our share.

We are responsible for the Employee Biweekly Cost.

The figures for this change are as follows:


Delta Dental – 20% Employee Cost Share (March 2016) 12 Month Employees

  Total Biweekly Cost  University Biweekly Cost  Employee Biweekly Cost 
Single  16.88 13.50 3.38
Two Person  31.39 25.11 6.28
Family 56.48 45.19 11.30


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What Has The Union Done For Me?

Ever hear that question?

  • Job Security ________________________Article 1,3
  • Representation_______________________Article 1
  • Grievance Procedure __________________Article 8,13
  • Promotional Opportunities______________Article 15, 16
  • Job Classifications____________________Article 1, 57
  • Relief Periods_______________________Article 33
  • Uniform Pay Scale____________________Article 57
  • Guaranteed Wage Increases______________Article 1
  • Overtime Pay________________________Article 25
  • Shift Premiums ______________________Article 25
  • Paid Holidays________________________Article 47
  • Paid Vacations_______________________Article 49
  • Paid AP Days ________________________Article 45
  • Jury Duty Pay________________________Article 46
  • Bereavement Pay______________________Article 45
  • Military Duty Pay______________________Article 40,41
  • Paid Holiday Closure____________________Article 48
  • Illness Benefits________________________Article 44
  • Long Term Disability Benefits______________Article 52
  • 37.5 Hour Work Week___________________Article 33
  • Severance Pay________________________Article 30
  • Prescription Drugs _____________________Article 50
  • Family Dental Care_____________________Article 51
  • Family Vision Care_____________________Article 50
  • Tuition Benefits_______________________Article 55
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Dues Increase

“The dues increase passed by the International UAW in June 2014 and scheduled for November 1, 2014 was delayed due to technical issues. The increase  is  one half hour per month so the dues will be 2 and one half hours per month  and that deduction will begin with the check of January 28, 2015 and is NOT retroactive.”

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New Website!

Celebrating the holidays - 2010 - photo by Syed Ali

P&A Has a new and improved web site!

The new site will feature:

  • latest calendar of events
  • union news
  • “how to” videos
  • benefit information
  • …and much more.

We even have a new photo gallery!  So…please come back and check our uaw1979.org often!


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